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in Avelina


In the upscale neighborhood of Avelina, each couple is known by a color and harbors a secret. The serene atmosphere shatters when a murder occurs at Dirk & Blake's 30th birthday celebration. As guests gather at the neighboring Black and Gold residences (the Younkins & the Kostichs), they are unwittingly drawn into a web of intrigue and deceit. The birthday bash turns into a real-life game of mystery and deception, where unraveling the truth becomes the ultimate challenge.



The evening kicks off with delicious drinks and lively conversation as guests mingle between the Gold and Black homes. Suddenly, the whole night will change, as each person's heart drops.. This will be when the game officially begins..


As the night progresses, guests will explore the neighboring Black and Gold residences, piecing together clues and questioning suspects to unravel the mystery. The Gold family stands alone with a solid alibi, leaving the question of which colorful couple could be responsible. Each revelation raises more questions than answers, revealing that in Avelina, even the most polished facade can conceal a multitude of sins.

The Suspects


High Society founders of a successful vineyard and winery.


Renowned scholars and collectors of rare artifacts.


Renowned chefs with multiple successful restaurants.


Doctors with a prestigious practice and a dark secret.


Industrialists with a vast empire and a mysterious past.


Former Hollywood actors known for their extravagant lifestyle.


Wealthy art collectors with a penchant for controversial pieces.


Tech entrepreneurs who revolutionized the industry.


Heirs to a fortune, known for their philanthropic efforts.


Highly sought after lawyers known for their ruthlessness in court.


Successful fashion designers with a bohemian flair


Environmental activists who come from old money.


Former professional athletes turned successful investors.


Aristocrats with a long lineage and a grand estate.



Objective: Your goal is to discover who killed the victim, in which room, and with what weapon. The first couple to correctly make this accusation wins. Be aware that making an incorrect accusation will eliminate you from the game. The Murder Solution: The correct murder weapon card, suspect card and room card will be concealed inside a secret envelope and revealed at the end of the game. These three elements together will reveal the answer to the mystery… Be the first to solve the mystery and win the grand prize. Game Mechanics: This is an elimination game. As you gather evidence, you will eliminate suspects, rooms, and weapons, narrowing down the correct answers. The final couple, weapon, and room left not located must be the answer to the murder.

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1. Each couple has a die in their packet. Refer to the map to know which number relates to which rooms. Roll the die to determine which room you may enter. There are two rooms assigned to each number, so you may choose which room to enter. After mingling and collecting evidence in a room, roll the die before you leave to decide which room to go to next. 2.To collect evidence, you will make a “suggestion” to a couple who is also in a room with you. When making a suggestion, you must suggest the room you are currently in as the location of the murder, but can suggest any weapon and any suspect you have remaining on your list. For example, if a player is in The Library, their suggestion must be that the murder took place in The Library, but they can suggest any weapon or any suspect they have yet to eliminate. - Once a suggestion is made, the couple being questioned must share one clue if they have it. Only concrete evidence or information learned from other couples can be shared. Lying, misleading, or withholding information is considered cheating and will disrupt the flow of the game. - If the couple being questioned does have concrete evidence and reveals a clue to the player, the player may still ask another couple in the room the same suggestion in hopes of crossing off another clue. However, the player is only allowed to make the same suggestion to the other couples as long as they remain in that room. For example, You are in The Office and you suggest to the first couple in that room that you believe that the murder was done by Mr. and Mrs. Teal in The Office with the wrench. They reveal to you that the wrench was not the murder weapon so you cross that off your list, but you still want to get more evidence from the other couples in that room. You can question the other couples that are there, but you can only make the same suggestion you made to the first couple (Mr. and Mrs. Teal, The Office, wrench) until you leave to the next room… 3. If you need to direct a suggestion to a specific couple, you must find a way to get them into the room you want to suggest. You can bring any couple into the room you rolled, as long as you ask them while they are moving to a new location. After they go to the room you brought them into, they may answer your question, then continue to the room their dice indicated they go.


4. As you gain evidence, use your checklist and notepad to mark and write down notes or clues. Be discreet, as eavesdropping on other conversations is allowed and you may be giving clues to sneaky players along the way.  5. Throughout the homes, there are mystery challenges in a few rooms. These challenges offer additional clues, but time is of the essence. Players may choose to complete the challenges to uncover additional clues or forgo them, opting to get the answers from other players who have completed them already. Use your time wisely and strategize as you wish to uncover the truth.. 5. Once you believe you have the correct answer, text The ghost of Miss Brown, who is the only one who knows the truth at (949) 939-6849. State your name and what your suggestion is then meet Miss Brown at the bar to learn if you are correct.  If you are correct, you will be crowned the winner. If you are wrong, you are out of the game. 6. If you are eliminated from the game, you may mingle but cannot share any clues or evidence. You must wear a tag that states you are "NOT A CREDIBLE WITNESS" so other players know not to talk to you about the game.


When making suggestions, players can be in character if they would like and can respond however they want as long as they give clear accurate evidence. ________________ Here are some examples: You roll your die and get a number 1. After looking at your map you see that the Library & the Nursery are #1. You decide to go to the Library. Upon entering the library you may choose a couple to direct a suggestion to. If you are playing as Mr & Mrs Mustard you enter the library and approach Mr & Mrs Plum who are also in the library: you may say soemthing like "I think it was the Whites in the study with the knife." Possible response from Mrs. Plum: "I saw Mr. & Mrs. White when the murder happened. It was not the Whites." Outcome: Mr & Mrs. Mustard (you) can now cross the Whites off your suspect list since you know they are not the murderers. NOTE: If Mr & Mrs Plum have more evidence (They know it was not the Whites or the knife. They ONLY have to share ONE clue. They can choose which clue to share and they do not have to mention anything else) _____________________ You are ready to leave the library so you roll the die again in the library before you leave. You now rolled a 4. You check the map #4 is either the Kitchen or the game room. You decide to go to the kitchen. Upon entering the kitchen you may choose a couple to direct a suggestion to. Mr & Mrs Black are in the kitchen so you direct a suggestion towards them: "I think it was The Teals in the kitchen with the poison." Possible response: "I was in the kitchen when the murder happened. It did not happen in the kitchen." Outcome: You can now cross the kitchen off your possible room list since they know it was not where the murder happened. HOWEVER, if Mr & Mrs Black had no evidence to support your suggestion a possible response could be: "I have no evidence to support that accusation. Outcome: Mr & Mrs. Mustard (you) can either direct the same accusation to a different couple in the kitchen or you may roll the die and leave the room to head to the next room.

This game features a variety of prizes inspired by the clue-themed event. Awards will be given for:

1. The best dressed
2. The most in character
3. The ultimate game winner


Thank you for letting us host you and create an immersive mystery experience. Your presence will make the event truly special, and we hope it's an evening you'll always remember. 
- Dirky & Kindyl

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