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The all-inclusive design approach. Let us take care of it all.


By following our 15 step project management strategy we promise to deliver on time and on budget 100% of the time. 

STEP 1: In home consultation
STEP 2: signing of agreement +  receipt of retainer 
STEP 3: Trade Day- On-site measurements, photos + final planning meeting
STEP 4: Preliminary design presentation - touch base meeting
STEP 5: Final presentation of furnishings + materials; collection of deposits
STEP 6: Order Placement + project shopping
STEP 7: project status - budget review + timeline
STEP 8: Initiation of construction and renovation + project site checks (If applicable)
STEP 9: Renovation installation period continues and receipt of orders
STEP 10: Furniture installation and styling
STEP 11: client reveal (project milestone)
STEP 12: Deficiencies (identified)
Step 13: Deficiencies (resolved)
Step 14: Final invoicing + account reconciliation
Step 15: project conclusion + client appreciation


Full-service design projects will be billed by the hour. Please contact for more information about pricing, or to book a consultation.

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